Art Rancis | Expertise
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Strong Technology Expertise in Communications, Imaging, Computing and Consumer Products

IT Storage, AI, IoT Analytics
Tape, disk, optical, solid state disk, printers, Public and Private Cloud
Data Management Systems
Hierarchical storage, and software asset management, ERP, MRP, collaboration and Business Process management software
Network Technologies
Ethernet, P1394, ATM, SSA, FCL, Serial HPPI, Ultra SCSI, USB, optical, and DOCSIS
Wireless Technologies
Packet data, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, Location Based Services, direct satellite for video/telelaser-communications (free space optics), WiFi & Bluetooth communication
Platforms including desktop, notebook, handheld, scientific and entertainment visualization mainframe, and supercomputer levels
Media Production
Acquisition, editing, compositing, compression, and distribution, Digital and HDTV
New Media Technologies
Internet, intermecials, narrowcasting, DVD, and DV
Remote Sensing
Terrestrial, airborne, and space borne, hydrogen and methanol fuel cells, acoustic testing, anomaly detection systems
DOD Clearances
Secret, Top Secret